Table II.

Biological processesa for genes strongly associatedb with lower- or upper-fraction cells from SP cultures

FractionBiological processcGene (P < 0.01)
Lower/quiescentResponse to water, water deprivation,
     and dessicationSIP18, GRE1
Main pathways of carbohydrate
     metabolism and fatty acid oxidationMDH3, GND2, FBA, ACO1, PEX11
Generation of precursor metabolites
     and energy, energy derivation by
     oxidation of organic compounds, and
     oxidoreduction coenzyme metabolismMDH3, GND2, FBA1, MCR1, PDC5, ACO1, ADH1
Coenzyme metabolismMDH3, COQ6, GND2, GTT1, ACO1
Organic acid metabolism and
     carboxylic acid metabolismMDH3, LYS21, AYR1, ARG3, FBA1, PDC5, ACO1, PEX11
Response to abiotic stimulusAZR1, TRR2, BCY1, HYR1, MCR1, ORM2, SIP18, GRE1
Upper/nonquiescentTy element transposition; DNA
     transposition, recombination and
     metabolism; nucleobase, nucleoside,
     nucleotide, and nucleic acid
     metabolism; biopolymer and
     macromolecule metabolismRAD17, MLH2, RRM3, EXO1, BRR2, MIG2, ISN1, ELG1, SMP1, RPA12,
     RRP9, SFH1, MED7,PRP39, MMS4, MRC1, SCC2, UTP6, PRI1, PUF3, CFT2,
     MMS22, NAM2, OGG1, RIT1, HST3, MED4, SPT15, KAR4, ESF1, VPS72,
     YAP3, POL1, YAP6, IME4, RPO41, TRF5, RFC4, SKS1, HAP4, HNT2, ARP6,
     YOR356W, YGR161W-B, YGR161W-A, YCL019W, YJR027W, YLR410W-B,
     YDR210C-D/YDR210W-D YPR137C-B, YFL002W-A, YBL100W-B/YBL101W-B,
     YDR034C-D, YBR012W-B, YDR210W-B, YDR098C-B, YOR142W-B,
     YPR158C-D, YER138C, YOR192C-B, YHR214C-B, YML039W, YGR161C-D,
     YDR365W-B, YDR261C-D, YOR343W-B/YOR343C-B, YBL005W-B,
     YER160C, YNL054W-B, YMR045C, YMR050C, YLR157C-B, YLR035C-A,
     YPR158W-B, YAR009C, YDR316W-B, YML045W, YER137C-A, YPL257W-B,
     YJR029W, YOL103W-B, YGR038C-B, YDR316W-A, YNL284C-B,
     YGR027W-A, YPR158C-C, YER159C-A, YGR161C-C, YLR227W-B,
     YNL054W-A, YMR051C, YML045W-A, YHR214C-C, YDR210C-C/YDR210W-C,
     YGR027W-B, YML040W, YBR012W-A, YDR261W-B, YDR261W-A,
     YDR098C-A, YPR137C-A, YGR038C-A, YDR261C-C, YLR157C-A
  • a Gene Ontology, Saccharomyces Genome Database.

  • b Statistical ranking analysis.

  • c Processes are listed in order of decreasing statistical significance for each fraction.