Table IV.

Type II keratins

Current protein
 designationCurrent gene
 designationProtein designation according to
 Hesse et al., 2004aNew protein
 designationNew gene
Human epithelial keratin
    K6e/h,abno designationKb12K6ccKRT6C
    K6irs1no designationKb34K71KRT71
    K6irs2no designationKb35K72KRT72
    K6irs3no designationKb36K73KRT73
    K6irs4no designationKb37K74KRT74
    K6hfno designationKb18K75KRT75
    K1bdno designationKb39K77KRT77
    K5bdno designationKb40K78KRT78
    K6ldno designationKb38K79KRT79
    Kb20abno designationKb20K80KRT80
Human hair keratins
    Hb1, K2.9eKRTHB1Kb21K81KRT81
    Hb3, K2.10eKRTHB3Kb23K83KRT83
    Hb5, K2.12eKRTHB5Kb25K85KRT85
    Hb6, K2.11eKRTHB6Kb26K86KRT86
Nonhuman epithelial/
 hair keratins
Human keratin pseudogenes
φhHbDb, Kb31PaKRT121P
φhHbCb, Kb30PaKRT122P
φhHbBb, Kb29PaKRT123P
φhHbAb, Kb28PaKRT124P
φKRTGb, Kb19PaKRT126P
  • a Hesse et al., 2004;

  • b Rogers et al., 2005;

  • c Not identical with the polymorphic variant described previously by Takahashi et al.,1995; see Rogers et al., 2005 for further information;

  • d Hesse et al., 2001;

  • e Powell and Beltrame, 1994.