Table II.

Fold changes of gene expression following FTI treatment of WT cells, showing that interfering with the farnesylation of lamin B1 has an effect that is similar to lack of endoproteolysis

Ratio (KO/WT or treated/untreated)
Ref Seq IDGeneLmnb1Rce1FTI treated
NM_009964Crystallin, α B (Cryab)
NM_010415Heparin-binding EGF-like growth factor (Hegfl)
NM_010288Gap junction membrane channel protein α1 (Gja1)
NM_019390Lamin A (Lmna)
NM_010722Lamin B2 (Lmnb2)
  • Bold indicates up-regulation; all others were not significantly changed. KO, knockout.