Table I.

Comparative analysis of HIV-1 association with rhTRIM5α

 envelopeCell typeTreatmentTotal TRIM
 associationTRIM association
VSV-GrhTRIM-HA HeLaMG13235.1 (Fig. 1 B)NDND
NonerhTRIM-HA HeLaMG1322.5 (Fig. 1 B)NDND
HIVrhTRIM-HA HeLaMG13212.4 (Fig. 1 C)NDND
HIVrhTRIM-HA HeLaMG132 + AMD31007.3 (Fig. 1 C)NDND
VSV-GrhTRIM-HA HeLaBafA1.7a1.5 (Fig. 1 D)5.1 (Fig. 1 D)
VSV-GrhTRIM-HA HeLaMG13228.6a5.0 (Fig. 1 D)44.7 (Fig. 1 D)
VSV-GrhTRIM-HA CRFKNo drug17.8a4.7 (Fig. 3 B)32.1 (Fig. 3 B)
VSV-GrhΔpatch-HA CRFKNo drug5.1a3.2 (Fig. 3 B)7.5 (Fig. 3 B)
VSV-GrhTRIM-HA CRFKMG13213.7a5.4 (Fig. 3 C)26.5 (Fig. 3 C)
VSV-GrhΔpatch-HA CRFKMG1326.9a6.2 (Fig. 3 C)7.9 (Fig. 3 C)
  • Data from the experiments averaged in Figs. 1 and Figs.3 were pooled to examine the percentage of all viral particles associating with rhTRIM5α under all conditions examined. The figure from which the pooled data were derived is indicated in parentheses.

  • a In the case of experiments examining S15-mCherry, data were pooled to determine the degree of rhTRIM5α associations in both S15+ and S15 populations.