Table I.

FC cell heteroplasmy as scored by FISH

Homoplasmic CWΔHeteroplasmic CWΔ:FLPΔHomoplasmic FLPΔNumber of cells examined
    Day 220100093
    Day 3255342109
    Day 5146450172
    Day 59124147116
    Day 10442553121
    Day 2237818132
    Day 2519503174
    Day 2842164193
    Day 3054640110
    Day 3249150156
    Day 6047944115
    Day 90224632122
    Day 120401248130
  • Cells for both fusion experiments (FC I and FC II) were scored as heteroplasmic CWΔ:FLPΔ if they carried appreciable FISH signal for both CW Δ-mtDNA (red) and FLP Δ-mtDNA (green) FISH probes. Cells having predominantly one signal were scored as homoplasmic. For example, the arrowheads in Fig. 6 B at day 120 show nucleoids that are in a clear minority (i.e. red in a predominantly green cell, green in a predominantly red cell). Both cells were considered to be essentially homoplasmic for the majority nucleoid population and were scored accordingly.