Table I.

File types supported by the JCB DataViewer at the time of publication

Supported formatFile extensions
DeltaVision.dv, .r3d, .r3d_d3d
Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine.dicom, .dic, .dcm
Amersham Biosciences GEL.gel
Graphics Interchange Format.gif
Image Cytometry Standard.ics, .ids
Bitplane Imaris.ims
Improvision Tiff.tif
Joint Photographic Experts Group.jpeg, .jpg
Leica “lei” Format.lei
Leica Image Format.lif
Li-Cor L2D.l2d
Nikon NIS-Elements.nd2
Olympus FluoView FV1000.oib, .oif
Openlab Raw.raw
Openlab LIFF.liff
PerkinElmer UltraView.tif, 0.2, 0.3, etc.
PICT (Macintosh Picture).pict
Portable Gray Map.pgm
Portable Network Graphic.png
Prairie Technologies TIFF.png
Tagged Image File Format.tif, .tiff
Visitech XYS.xys
Zeiss LSM.lsm
Zeiss AxioVision.zvi