Table II.

Relative fold change of protein expression in OTCs with FsIL1ra compared with FCTRL

Cytokines/growth factorsFold increasea
KGFb5.47 ± 0.22c
IL-6b6.11 ± 0.31c
IL-83.47 ± 0.06c
IL-103.88 ± 0.15c
IL-163.78 ± 0.41c
GMCSFb7.74 ± 0.31c
CXCL1/GRO-α2.67 ± 0.16d
SDF-12.33 ± 0.07d
I-3094.57 ± 0.20c
Eotaxin-26.19 ± 0.62c
VEGF0.22 ± 0.030d
PIGF0.25 ± 0.021d
  • GRO-α, growth-related oncogene-α.

  • a The intensities of signals were quantified by densitometry. Positive control included in the array blot was used to normalize and compare the results from different membranes. Values obtained from the control KCTRL/FCTRL OTC were arbitrarily assigned a value of 1. Values represent the mean fold increase as compared with control OTC (n = 3).

  • b ChIP was performed on these genes using phospho–c-Jun antibody.

  • c P < 0.01.

  • d P < 0.1.