Table II.

Yeast strains used in this study

YEF473ahis3/his3 leu2/leu2 lys2/lys2 trp1/trp1 ura3/ura3Bi and Pringle, 1996
YEF473Aa his3 leu2 lys2 trp1 ura3Bi and Pringle, 1996
YEF473Bα his3 leu2 lys2 trp1 ura3Bi and Pringle, 1996
Y860α his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ade2-1 can1-100 ura3-1∷URA3:lexAop-ADE2C. Boone
Y1026a his3-11,15 leu2-3,112 trp1-1 ade2-1 can1-100 ura3-1∷URA3:lexAop-lacZC. Boone
MOY157As YEF473B except INN1-GFP:TRP1 HOF1-TAP:His3MX6 cdc15-2This studya
MOY215As YEF473B except INN1-GFP:TRP1 cdc15-2This studya
MOY609As YEF473 except hof1Δ∷TRP1/hof1Δ∷TRP1 INN1/inn1Δ∷kanMX6/ MYO1/myo1Δ∷kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1][pRS315GW-C2-HOF1]This study
MOY630As YEF473B except hof1Δ∷TRP1 myo1Δ∷kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1][pRS315GW-C2-HOF1]Segregant from MOY609
MOY632As YEF473B except hof1Δ∷TRP1 innΔ∷kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1][pRS315GW-C2-HOF1]Segregant from MOY609
MOY634As YEF473B except hof1Δ∷TRP1 inn1Δ∷kanMX6 myo1Δ∷kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1] [pRS315GW-C2-HOF1]Segregant from MOY609
MWY764As YEF473A except hof1Δ∷TRP1 iqg1Δ∷His3MX6 [pRS316GW-IQG1]This study
MWY1145As YEF473A except hof1Δ∷TRP1 inn1Δ∷kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1]This study
MWY1171As YEF473B except cyk3Δ∷kanMX6 inn1Δ∷kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1]This study
RNY2225As YEF473A except hof1Δ∷TRP1 chs2Δ∷kanMX6 [pJC328]This study
RNY2393As YEF473A except iqg1Δ∷His3MX6 INN1-GFP:kanMX6 [YCp50-IQG1]This study
RNY2395As YEF473A except INN1-GFP:kanMX6 [YCp50-IQG1]This study
RNY2494As YEF473 except INN1/pINN1-inn1(1–134)-GFP:His3MX6This study
RNY2498As YEF473 except INN1/TRP1:pGAL1-GFP-inn1(1–134):His3MX6This study
RNY2499As YEF473 except INN1/TRP1:pGAL1-GFP-INN1This study
LY1065α hof1Δ∷kanMX6 ade2 ade3 his3 leu2 trp1 ura3 [pTSV30A-HOF1]This studyb
LY1067a hof1Δ∷kanMX6 ade2 ade3 leu2 lys2 ura3 [pTSV31A-HOF1]This studyb
LY1302As YEF473 except INN1-GFP:kanMX6/INN1-GFP:kanMX6This study
LY1310As YEF473A except inn1Δ∷kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1]This study
LY1313As YEF473A except INN1-GFP:kanMX6This study
LY1314As YEF473B except INN1-GFP:kanMX6This study
LY1321As YEF473A except INN1-GFP:kanMX6 cyk3Δ∷His3MX6This study
LY1324As YEF473A except INN1-GFP:kanMX6This study
LY1325As YEF473A except INN1-GFP:kanMX6 cyk3Δ∷His3MX6 hof1Δ∷kanMX6 [pRS316-HOF1]This study
LY1328As YEF473A except INN1-GFP:kanMX6 hof1Δ∷kanMX6 [pRS316-HOF1]This study
LY1355a dbf2-1 dbf20Δ∷TRP1 INN1-GFP:kanMX6 ade1 leu2 trp1 ura3This studyc
LY1357a cdc5ts∷URA3 INN1-GFP:kanMX6 leu2 trp1 ura3This studyc
LY1360a cdc14 INN1-GFP:kanMX6 can1 his7 leu2 ura3This studyc
LY1364As YEF473A except myo1Δ∷His3MX6 INN1-GFP:kanMX6 [YCp50-MYO1]This study
LY1373As YEF473A except inn1Δ∷kanMX6 CHS2-GFP:kanMX6 [pUG36-INN1]This study
YEF1951As YEF473A except hof1Δ∷kanMX6Vallen et al., 2000
YEF5202As YEF473A except inn1Δ∷kanMX6 [pUG34mCherry-INN1-C2]This study
YEF5216As YEF473A except inn1Δ∷kanMX6This studyd
YEF5291As YEF473A except inn1Δ∷kanMX6 MYO1-GFP:His3MX6This study
YEF5293As YEF473A except myo1Δ∷His3MX6 INN1-GFP:kanMX6This study
  • Bolded a′s and α′s indicate mating types of haploid yeast cells. Genes were deleted (the entire coding region in each case) or tagged at their C termini using the PCR method (Baudin et al., 1993). Template plasmids were as described previously by Longtine et al. (1998) except for pFA6a-TAP-His3MX6 (provided by P. Walter, University of California, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) and pFA6a-link-mCherry-His3MX6 (see Materials and methods). In some cases, genomic DNA from previously transformed strains was used as a template to generate transformation fragments with longer flanking regions. Other steps in strain constructions were conventional genetic crosses and plasmid transformations.

  • a cdc15-2 was derived from strain DLY3034 (provided by D. Lew, Duke University, Durham, NC) and backcrossed more than seven times into the YEF473 background.

  • b Derived from strains CDV38 and CDV39 (provided by C. De Virgilio, University of Fribourg, Fribourg, Switzerland).

  • c Strains J230-2D (provided by L. Johnston, National Institute for Medical Research, London, England, UK), KKY021 (provided by L. Johnston), and 4078-14-3a (provided by L. Hartwell, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, WA) were transformed with a PCR-generated INN1-GFP:kanMX6 cassette.

  • d Generated by growing LY1310 on SC+FOA medium.