Table III.

Plasmids used in this study

PlasmidDescriptionReference or source
YEplac1812µ, LEU2Gietz and Sugino, 1988
pRS315GWCEN, LEU2Pringle laboratory
pRS4252µ, LEU2Christianson et al., 1992
pRS315-GFP-RAS2CEN, LEU2, GFP-RAS2Luo et al., 2004
YCp111-CDC3-CFPCEN, LEU2, CDC3-CFPPringle laboratory
YCp50-MYO1CEN, URA3, MYO1S. Browna
pBK652µ, LEU2, MLC1J. Chantb
pJC328CEN, URA3, CHS2-MYCChuang and Schekman, 1996
pRS316GW-IQG1CEN, URA3, IQG1Pringle laboratory
YCp50-IQG1 (=p1868)CEN, URA3, IQG1Korinek et al., 2000
YEp181-IQG12µ, LEU2, IQG1Ko et al., 2007
pBK1322µ, LEU2, CYK3Korinek et al., 2000
pBK1332µ, LEU2, CYK3Korinek et al., 2000
pRS425-CYK32µ, LEU2, CYK3Ko et al., 2007
pRS315GW-CYK3-2GFPCEN, LEU2, CYK3-2GFPPringle laboratory
pRS315GW-NotI-HOF1CEN, LEU2, HOF1This study
pRS316-HOF1CEN, URA3, HOF1Vallen et al., 2000
YCp50LEU2-HOF1CEN, LEU2, HOF1This study
pTSV30A-HOF12µ, LEU2, ADE3, HOF1This study
pTSV31A-HOF12µ, URA3, ADE3, HOF1This study
YCp50LEU2-INN1-17CCEN, LEU2, INN1This study
pGP564-INN12µ, LEU2, INN1F. Lucac
pUG34mCherryCEN, HIS3, pMET25-mCherryThis study
pUG34mCherry-INN1dCEN, HIS3, pMET25-mCherry-INN1This study
pUG36-INN1CEN, URA3, pMET25-yEGFP-INN1This study
pRS315GW-C2-HOF1CEN, LEU2, C2-HOF1This study
  • CEN indicates low copy number plasmids; 2µ indicates high copy number plasmids.

  • a University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

  • b Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

  • c University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.

  • d Related plasmids contain the wild-type INN1 N terminus (amino acids 1–140) or C terminus (amino acids 130–409) or full-length INN1 into which mutations m1-m4 (Fig. S1) had been introduced singly or in combinations (see Materials and methods).