Table I.

Quantification of cell cycle stages in control or ISWI RNAi S2 cells at 12 da

Control RNAi (GFP)0.2 ± 0.225.6 ± 1.832.6 ± 10.525.6 ± 2.115.6 ± 6.7
ISWI RNAi (MRC015_H12)1.0 ± 0.119.6 ± 1.630.1 ± 5.734.2 ± 3.014.5 ± 3.7
  • a Values represent the percentage of each cell cycle phase over the total number of cells. The cells at 12 d after dsRNA treatment were stained with propidium iodide and analyzed by FACS. The percentage of each phase was calculated from the FACS profiles (Fig. 10 C; unpublished data) using the FlowJo software (Tree Star, Inc.) following the Watson Pragmatic model (Watson et al., 1987). Errors represent SD from two (control RNAi) and three (ISWI RNAi) independent experiments, respectively.

  • b <G1: cells with less than 2N chromosomes.

  • c >G2/M: cells with more than 4N chromosomes.