Table II.

Quantification of nuclear migration and rolling

Migration quantificationWild typeunc-83(e1408)unc-84(n369)klc-2(km11)nud-2(ok949)nud-2(ok949); bicd-1(RNAi)unc-83(e1408); klc-2::KASH
Successful migration
Migration (%)1000016.791.766.731.0
Roll (%)16.7NANA16.712.18.30
Speed of rollinga29.4 ± 3.0NANA34.321.1 ± 5.021.9 ± 2.9NA
Partial migrationb
Migration (%)00008.333.316.7
Roll (%)NANANANA000
Failed migrationb
Migration (%)010010083.30052.4
  • For each indicated genotype, 36 nuclei were examined, except for unc-83(e1408);klc-2::KASH, in which 42 nuclei were examined. NA, not applicable.

  • a Of the nuclei that rolled, the mean speed of rolling in angular degrees per minute ± SEM is shown.

  • b Nuclei that partially migrate initiate movement at the normal time and speed but fail to complete their migrations. Typically, such a nucleus migrates about halfway across the cell before stopping or returning to its original position. Failed nuclear migrations do not move at all until much later in development. Nuclei that failed to migrate could not be scored for rolling.